To work effectively in a team environment as a seasoned developer by creating sustainable software and processes.

EmploymentYears - 20

Paychex Corporation (Nettime Soltuions) -- 2012 to present 4
  • Position: Sr Product Lead
    Team Lead, WCF, MVC4, jQuery Mobile, UX, NetSuite (SuiteApps), many more...
  • Business aptitude: Facilitate the management of remote teams and developers across multiple SAAS disciplines. Manage the interaction of outside vendors and developers connecting to an API web service channel.

Click Squared -- 2011 to 2012 1
  • Position: Sr Product Developer
    C#, MS-SQL, WCF, AJAX, ASP.Net, MVC3, jQuery many others...

Lumension Security -- 2007 to 2011 4
  • Position: Sr Product Developer
    C#, MS-SQL, WCF, AJAX, ASP.Net, many others...
  • Technical aptitude: Full lifecycle for scalable and distributed software in client/server architectures. Knowledge of security implementations on all major operating systems (Windows/Linux/Unix/Mac). Heavy virtualization and many more disciples associated with an all-in-one security suite.
  • Business aptitude: Pure software companies enforce the understanding of how shrink wrapped software works across all business channels. Worked in SCRUM and Agile environments and with different teams across multiple time zones.

Direct Alliance Corporation -- 1998 to 2007 9
  • Position: Middleware Specialist III 2001 to 2007
    SOA, XSLT, XML, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, C#, Java, MSSQL, MySQL, SAP R/3
  • Position: Developer 1998 to 2001
    HTML, CSS, Cold Fusion, MSSQL Server, JavaScript, ASP, PHP
  • Technical aptitude: Both positions have provided me to ensure stable e-commerce solutions. Provide database integrity while building solid dynamic web applications and smart client apps.
  • Business aptitude: Both positions have provided knowledge of direct channel solutions for B2B and A2A architectures, internationalized applications, and working with teams via international borders.

Kansas State University Networking Services -- 1996 to 1998 2
  • Position: Network Administration/Tutor
    Hardware/software/network issues in large networking environments


Language Experience Comment
HTML/CSS UI 20+ yrs. Deep knowledge of CSS, HTML, DOM User Interface layout and Design
Java Script 18+ yrs. Implemented prototyping objects and heavy integration with the DOM. AJAX based solutions with robust user interfaces including deep knowledge of popular tools such as jQuery.
C# 14+ yrs. Understand the major name spaces in BCL, strong skills with window forms/smart clients and good acumen for admin tasks.
ASP.Net 14+ yrs. Understand all major aspects from data controls, managing - client state, application & request state, to security and performance. Can build about any kind of website from the ground up with no additional developers or specialists.
PHP 10+ yrs. Same aspects as ASP.Net. Have built many application since PHP 3.0
Media Familiar with most graphics software and concepts. Image manipulation in Illustrator and Photoshop. Proficient with media production software such as After Effects, Premiere, Audition and Camtasia Studio.
SQL Worked with aggregate functions, complex joins, sub queries, stored procs, and TSQL. Written SQL for both MySQL, MSSQL.
Linux/Shell Some small hacks/patches on existing programs, generally know my way around ssh etc.
Programming Concepts:
    - Design patterns Singleton, Factory, MVC4, etc.
    - Databases MySQL/MSSQL
    - Web Services WCF, SOAP, WSDL, REST
    - User Interface Very strong user interface (UX) design.
    - Linux CentOS
    - Windows win7/win10/2k8
    - VMWare Lab-Manager, Workstation, Server
    - Automation Autoit, iMacros, Unit Testing
    - Web Servers Apache, IIS
    - Dev Tools Eclipse/NetBeans, Visual Studio (2k3 thru 2k15), TFS
    - Media Photoshop, Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, After Effects
    - SQL SQL Server Manager (2k5 - 2k16), MySql


Open Source   lifeinthegrid.github.io   jmorph
Web Sites travelagentportal.com, karissadawn.com, lifeinthegrid.com, ptgrad.com
B2B Middleware lenovo.com, ibm.com, xerox.com, stratustime
Commercial Software Lumension Security Suite, StratusTime
Patent U.S. Design Patent #368-740


Kansas State University
Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS)


Bob Riley - IT Professional - Snapcreek Software
602.740.4261 - rsriley@gmail.com

Paresh Joshi - IT Professional - Revana Corporation
480.326.1289 - pareshjoshi01@gmail.com

Brent Arias - Independent Software Consultant
602.692.8088 - barias@axiscode.com